About 2i2c

2i2c stands for The International Interactive Computing Collaboration. It is a project of the International Computer Science Institute, a 501(c)(3) public charity. 2i2c’s mission is to transform research and education through interactive computing, and to support the open source ecosystem around it.

Our values and principles

As a non-profit organization that is defined and driven by our mission, we believe that values are crucial to accomplishing our goals in a way that is equitable and accessible to all.

Here are some of the core values underlying 2i2c:

  • 2i2c values fairness and justice as requirements for successful communities.
  • 2i2c values learning and discovery for all people.
  • 2i2c values collaborating and connecting to foster environments for learning and discovery.

It serves these values through a commitment to a few core principles:

  • Build tools that maximize flexibility and choice
  • Collaborate with open source and scientific communities
  • Provide community and core support, not just new features
  • Build tools that are accessible along a variety of dimensions

Get Involved

2i2c is a young organization, and we are actively looking to grow our capacity to offer cloud services as well as collaborate in research and development. We also seek to employ technologists with expertise in cloud infrastructure, dev-ops, and data science, as well as experience in the open source stack of tools for science and education.

  • If you are a funder interested in supporting 2i2c, get in touch.
  • If your organization is interested in hosted Jupyter environments on cloud infrastructure, get in touch
  • If you are a researcher or educator who would like to collaborate on projects, get in touch
  • If you are interested in working for 2i2c, get in touch.

If you’d like updates about 2i2c as it grows and evolves, fill out the form below to add yourself to our mailing list, and we will be in touch!