A global network of community hubs for interactive learning and discovery

Our interactive computing platform gives your community a digital home to create and share knowledge, and a global network of communities to learn from.

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We give communities a home in the cloud for interactive computing.

Our interactive computing platform empowers communities in research and education to design a hub for their unique workflows. It brings together open source tools, data, and computational resources in a remotely-accessible interactive environment for creating and sharing knowledge.

We serve a global network of communities

We serve over 80 communities across the globe with over 7000 active users that are dedicated to creating and sharing knowledge. This includes educational communities that share knowledge within a community, research communities that create advances at the frontier of knowledge, and applied knowledge communities that use advances in knowledge to serve the public.

2i2c map of communities
A map of the rough location of communities with currently active hubs. Updated as of April 2024, see our interactive map for the latest data.

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We empower communities to share and learn.

Interactive computing hubs provide access to standardized workflows that make it easier for community members to teach and share with one another, and to enhance their work together.

How communities improve with shared infrastructure.

We make open source tools more impactful

Our global network gives us a unique perspective to identify high-impact improvements to open source tools. We collaborate with open source communities to make upstream enhancements, and re-deploy the improved tools to the communities in our network.

The lifecycle of upstream development

Grounded in open principles so communities can trust us as stewards of critical scientific workflows.


Our transparent and participatory model keeps our incentives aligned with community needs.


Our service gives communities agency to design the service they need, and to manage it without 2i2c if they wish.


Our service should have a self-sustaining model that ensures continuity, growth, and funder independence.

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