Interactive computing for your community

2i2c designs, develops, and operates JupyterHubs in the cloud for communities of practice in research & education. It builds and supports open source infrastructure that serves these communities.

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The Managed JupyterHub Service ☁️

JupyterHubs in the cloud for your community, managed by 2i2c.

The Managed JupyterHubs Service is a federation of JupyterHubs that are designed, configured, and managed by 2i2c. They are built entirely on open source infrastructure, are vendor- and cloud-agnostic, and are designed by and for the research and education community.

Managed JupyterHub as a Service

2i2c manages cloud infrastructure for JupyterHub so that you can focus on your work.

Designed for our communities

We have extensive experience in research and education, and design our infrastructure for these communities.

The Right to Replicate your infrastructure

Our JupyterHubs use entirely open-source and community-driven tools, allowing you to replicate our hubs on your own.

Innovation in Interactive Computing Infrastructure. 🤝

Collaborations with research and education to develop new technology.

We collaborate with communities in research and education to drive new development in interactive computing technology that supports our communities. Here are a few core tenets of our development model.


We leverage pre-existing open source infrastructure developed by communities of peers to solve new problems in research and education.


We extend and improve this infrastructure to support our collaborators and the communities we serve.


We ensure that the improvements we make are contributed back to open source communities, so that others may benefit from our efforts.

Support for open source communities 💗.

Core support for open source communities that underlie our infrastructure.

In all of the work we do, we live our values by collaborating with others, using and building open source infrastructure in partnership with communities, and creating technology that makes interactive computing more accessible and powerful for all.

Research and education will have a strong foundation of tools to use if those tools are supported by a healthy and strong ecosystem of open communities that create those tools. 2i2c supports many of these communities by investing our time and expertise to provide core development support, community stewardship, and strategic support and leadership.


If you’ve got a question about 2i2c or would like to inquire about 2i2c managed JupyterHubs, reach out via the buttons below: