Interactive computing infrastructure for your community

2i2c is a non-profit organization that designs, develops, and manages customized JupyterHubs for communities in education & research.

What’s a 2i2c managed JupyterHub? Our Projects

What we do

We make interactive computing more accessible and powerful for research and education. We strive to accelerate research and discovery, and to empower education to be more accessible, intuitive, and enjoyable. We do this through these primary actions:

Manage and build interactive computing infrastructure for research and education

2i2c offers managed JupyterHubs for data science in research and engineering communities. They are tailored for the communities they serve and 💯 open source.

Develop new technology for research and education.

2i2c leads projects and collaborates with others in research and education, providing experience in interactive computing and the Jupyter ecosystem to build new technology that supports these communities.

In all of the work we do, we live our values by collaborating with others, using and building open source infrastructure in partnership with communities, and creating technology that makes interactive computing more accessible and powerful for all.

2i2c’s founding team has years of experience in infrastructure for interactive computing in research and education, and are core members of many large open source projects.


If you’ve got a question about 2i2c or would like to inquire about 2i2c managed JupyterHubs, send us an email . If you’d like to be updated as 2i2c grows and evolves, fill out the form below.