An update to 2i2c's value proposition

2i2c recently finished it’s three year retrospective after closing out its original seed grant. As part of this process, we’re revisiting our organizational strategy, structure, and overall plan, in order to incorporate the learning that we’ve done over our first three years.

Our value proposition is a key framing for 2i2c’s intended impact, key stakeholders, and platform strategy. We recently completed a team exercise to refine this statement for 2i2c, and are excited to share it with you below:

A global network of community hubs for interactive learning and discovery

Our interactive computing platform gives your community a digital home to create and share knowledge, and a global network of communities to learn from.

This is an exciting direction that leans into and builds upon the way we’ve described our service so far. It recognizes that the value in our service doesn’t end with simple access to an interactive computing environment, but lies in how that environment’s tools empower a community to create and share knowledge with one another.

We believe that this is an exciting direction to build towards, because it is based in the value of the collection of communities we serve, and the way that this network can be greater than the sum of its parts. We’re excited to lean into this direction in how we shape our platform, what open source contributions we make, and where we aim to have impact in the coming years.

To begin, we’ve interwoven some ideas from this value proposition into, and the way that we describe our service. We’d love feedback from anyone who has an idea, a critique, or “yes, and” to share.

A recent talk with this value proposition #

As part of this work, 2i2c’s Executive Director, Chris Holdgraf , gave a talk about 2i2c to the Incentivizing Open and Collaborative Research (ICOR) community. Here are some links in case others are interested:

Here’s the video below for quick reference:

Data Sharing and Analysis in Collaborative Open Research Environments from Michael Markie on Vimeo.

Chris Holdgraf
Chris Holdgraf
Executive Director