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Open positions

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We are not currently hiring for any positions, but keep an eye here as we are a young organization and hope to expand soon!

Why 2i2c?

2i2c believes that open infrastructure is a crucial part of transforming research and education to be more powerful, more equitable, more inclusive, and more accessible. We are a small and growing team, and recognize that our early employees play a crucial role in setting the right culture and direction for the organization.

Here are a few reasons that we think 2i2c is a fantastic team to work with.

Our values and our mission drive our actions 🧭

2i2c believes in weaving our set of core values into everything that we do, and that this will guide 2i2c in being as impactful as possible. As a member of 2i2c’s team, you’ll have an opportunity to participate in a community that believes in these values, and tries to make the world a better place through living them every day.

We have great team culture 🙌

2i2c draws from experience in many large open source communities over the years. Because these communities operate fully remotely and strive to be as inclusive and participatory as possible, they must also strive to be more transparent and systematic in how they communicate, share information, and work. We are building a culture at 2i2c that follows these principles and builds upon them.

We have competitive pay and great benefits 📊

2i2c believes that it’s important for non-profit work to pay competitively with the tech industry. See more information on our salaries and compensation. We are also a remote-first organization with team practices that can be spread across the world.

We support research and education 🔬

All of the work we do at 2i2c feeds into our mission: to support research and education through interactive computing infrastructure. Being a part of the 2i2c team means that each day you will spend your time building, operating, and supporting the infrastructure that powers data-driven discovery and learning.

Open source communities are in our DNA 🤝

All of the technical development that we do is open source, usually in partnership with other open source communities rather than controlled entirely by 2i2c. This means that the work you do with 2i2c will benefit a much broader community, and you’ll be encouraged to connect with other open source communities as you do your work.

Salaries and benefits

We pay competitive salaries for all of our employees at SF market rates. 2i2c chooses its salary levels based on job title and discrete levels that correspond to experience. These salaries are fixed and consistent across all employees of 2i2c – we do not pay different amounts based on geographic location or cost-of-living, you will be paid the same regardless of where you live. 2i2c also offers a generous benefits package, or will provide extra compensation if you are not in a position to take advantage of US-based benefits packages.

Why approach salaries in this way? For a few reasons. First, we don’t believe that people should have to take a large pay-cut just to work at a non-profit organization, and we want to hire competitively for the tech industry. Second, we believe in equal pay for equal work. We don’t believe that your ability to help 2i2c accomplish its mission is impacted by your ability to negotiate a better salary. We also don’t think it is impacted by external factors like your geographical location or cost of living. Third, we believe in transparency and openness when it comes to our salaries, in order to balance the amount of information on both sides of the hiring equation. We think that these practices allow 2i2c to hire competitively, equitably, and successfully.

Our benefits

RETIREMENT We have established a qualified, defined contribution retirement plan. We make monthly plan contributions on behalf of each participant equal to 10% or 3% of the eligible employee’s monthly compensation, depending on the employee’s appointment type. Most employee types qualify for the 10% contribution. Contributions are fully vested and are not dependent upon the employee making contributions on their own, ie, this is not an employer “match”.

PAID TIME OFF: Vacation, Sick, and Holiday leave We offer generous vacation and sick leave accrual. We observe 9 holidays throughout the year plus Thanksgiving and a 2-week paid Winter Break holiday during the last two weeks of December.

HEALTH: Medical, Dental, and Vision We offer excellent medical options and coverage. Employees may choose from three medical plans (two HMOs, one PPO). Our dental and vision plans are comprehensive and accepted widely by dental and vision care providers. We full cover the cost of plan premiums.

We also provide Life and Long-Term Disability Insurance, and employees may opt to participate in our Tax-deferred Annuity Plan and Flexible Spending Account as a way to set aside pre-tax dollars to pay for long term savings, medical or dependent care.

Where applicable, if you are located outside of the United States, we will work with you to get similar benefits according to your geographical context.