Contact us to collaborate

2i2c has expertise in cloud infrastructure and managed services for interactive computing in research and education workflows. We focus on the Jupyter ecosystem and adjacent open source communities (e.g., the PyData ecosystem), with a particular emphasis on JupyterHub.

Here are a few ways that you can connect with and collaborate with 2i2c.

Use and support our managed JupyterHub services #

2i2c aims to provide Managed JupyterHubs in the cloud that are customized for communities in research and education. We are exploring sustainability and services models around this goal, and invite feedback and ideas for ways that we can improve this service. We are running JupyterHubs for many communities already, and are accepting new communities in batches as our capacity grows. If you are interested in having a managed JupyterHub for your community, check out our cloud service page for more information or send an email to to discuss.

Pitch a project or grant #

Our team is always looking our for opportunities to collaborate and learn from others in order to have an impact. Sometimes these can even lead to new grant ideas or ongoing projects. If you have an idea for collaboration that is aligned with our mission, and that would benefit from our skills and perspective, please send an email to and we can discuss.