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We serve a global network of communities that create and share knowledge. The map above shows active communities in our network, and the size of each circle corresponds to the size of each community. See our interactive map of active communities for the latest data.

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Research community: Cryosphere research in the cloud

Cryocloud is a research hub dedicated to “accelerating discovery and enhancing collaboration for NASA Cryosphere communities”. They use their hub to provide access to NASA Earthdata cloud use a community Jupyter Book to organize training and learning within the community via community workshops.

Education community: Data 8 for Community Colleges in California

The Data 8 class began as a large introductory data science class at UC Berkeley. It uses a Jupyter Book for all course materials, and uses JupyterHub magic links to distribute course content from the textbook. 2i2c is working with the Data 8 team to deploy JupyterHubs for community colleges in California that run the Data 8 course, to make the infrastructure and content broadly accessible.

Research communities: The Catalyst Project: Serving historically marginalized communities

The Catalyst Project serves interactive computing hubs to biomedical communities in Latin America and Africa. The project is aimed at learning about the unique challenges in serving communities in global regions that are historically under-served or under-resourced, with the goal of designing effective and sustainable interactive computing services for these communities.

Research communication: The spyglass toolbox demonstration hub

Spyglass is a framework for reproducible and shareable neuroscience research produced by Loren Frank’s lab at the University of California, San Francisco. They recently released a preprint about their toolbox , and are using a 2i2c hub to provide accessible interactive cloud environments that demonstrate its functionality and helps researchers get started.

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