Jobs at 2i2c

Open positions

We grow our team on a rolling basis as funds and projects are available.1 This page has general information about working at 2i2c, as well as a list of open positions for which we’re accepting applications. To be notified of any open positions, sign up for our mailing list .

⚠️We are not currently hiring for any positions, but keep an eye here as we are a young organization and hope to expand soon!⚠️

Skills and requirements for anybody working at 2i2c

There are a few qualities that are required for working in any position at 2i2c. We are a distributed organization that is strongly defined by its mission and values. We believe in communities that are inclusive, transparent, equitable, effective, and diverse, especially 2i2c itself. Here are a few qualities we seek in candidates that help ensure they will thrive with our team.

  • Be an excellent written communicator. 2i2c is a distributed team and organization. We must coordinate across many different time-zones, and conduct most of our conversations asynchronously. You should be comfortable collaborating and communicating via text, and in an asynchronous fashion.
  • Be collaborative and team-focused. 2i2c believes in working as a team to solve problems, and we leverage one another for guidance, support, and decisions. While we value and respect an individual’s time to dive into topics on their own, it is crucial that you enjoy working in a highly collaborative and positive team environment.
  • Be self-driven and creative. As a distributed organization, it is crucial that our team members are comfortable working without a lot of supervision. While we highly value teamwork and collaboration, we also give team members a great deal of autonomy and expect them to be self-driven.
  • Commit to follow our Code of Conduct and embody our organizational values . 2i2c values its open, collaborative, and inclusive culture, and we want a team that is excited to embody and grow this culture within 2i2c and in the outside world.

What it’s like to work at 2i2c

Here are some important aspects of working at 2i2c to help you understand how you could fit in with our practices.

Our team compass

The “source of truth” for all of 2i2c’s practices and policies can be found in our Team Compass . This is a living document that helps us coordinate our expectations and plans.

A distributed team

2i2c’s team is entirely distributed around the globe. It presently has team members in more than 4 time zones, and over an 8 hour time difference. This means that we do much of our work asynchronously, and coordinate in a collection of GitHub issues, Slack channels, etc. We try to make intentional space for synchronous conversation and meetings, and recognize that doing so likely inconveniences at least one team member due to time zone differences. Team members have a great degree of autonomy and flexibility in where, when, and how they work. However, it can also be challenging to work in a fully distributed fashion! We are constantly improving our team practices, but you should decide for yourself whether distributed work matches your preferences and working style.

See our Team Practices section in the Team Compass for more information about how we coordinate.

Common team time zones

Most of the 2i2c team works from US/Pacific and Eastern European time zones. We do not have a strict rule about which time zone a person works from, but we aim to have at least 2-3 hours of working-day overlap between team members. This might shift around a bit depending on the role and who else you’ll work closely with.

Time off

We follow a “Don’t ask, do tell” policy when it comes to taking time off. We recommend that everybody takes at least 40 days of time off each year, without a strict cap on the number of days. Instead, we ask team members to communicate their intentions early with one another, and discuss with the team if anybody has concerns that a person’s absence will harm our ability to meet our goals.

Why work at 2i2c?

2i2c believes that open infrastructure is a crucial part of transforming research and education to be more powerful, more equitable, more inclusive, and more accessible. We are a small and growing team, and recognize that our early employees play a crucial role in setting the right culture and direction for the organization.

Here are a few reasons that we think 2i2c is a fantastic team to work with.

Our values and our mission drive our actions 🧭

2i2c believes in weaving our set of core values into everything that we do, and that this will guide 2i2c in being as impactful as possible. As a member of 2i2c’s team, you’ll have an opportunity to participate in a community that believes in these values , and tries to make the world a better place through living them every day.

We have great team culture 🙌

2i2c draws from experience in many large open source communities over the years. Because these communities operate fully remotely and strive to be as inclusive and participatory as possible, they must also strive to be more transparent and systematic in how they communicate, share information, and work. We are building a culture at 2i2c that follows these principles and builds upon them.

We have competitive pay and great benefits 📊

2i2c believes that it’s important for non-profit work to pay competitively with the tech industry. See below for more information on our salaries and compensation philosophy. We are also a distributed organization with team practices that can be spread across the world.

We support research and education 🔬

All of the work we do at 2i2c feeds into our mission: to support research and education through interactive computing infrastructure. Being a part of the 2i2c team means that each day you will spend your time building, operating, and supporting the infrastructure that powers data-driven discovery and learning.

Open source communities are in our DNA 🤝

All of the technical development that we do is open source, usually in partnership with other open source communities that we co-lead and collaborate with. This means that the work you do with 2i2c will benefit a much broader community, and you’ll be encouraged to connect with other open source communities as you do your work.

Our compensation philosophy

Here are a few highlights about our compensation philosophy. See the human resources section of our team compass for more information.


Our goal is to pay competitive wages for tech-focused non-profits that are based in the United States (even though our team is distributed globally). Salaries are fixed for a given job title, and do not distinguish between geographic location or cost of living.


For employees based in the US, 2i2c provides health benefits via its fiscal sponsor, Code for Science and Society . For employees who are not based in the US, we will compensate you for similar benefits that apply to your country of residence.

Our commitment to equal opportunity

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity. We do not discriminate on the basis of race (including hairstyle and texture), religion (including religious grooming and dress practices), gender, gender identity, gender expression, color, national origin, pregnancy, ancestry, domestic partner status, disability, sexual orientation, age, genetic predisposition, medical condition, marital status, citizenship status, military or veteran status, or any other basis covered by applicable laws. We will provide reasonable accommodation to an employee or job applicant with a disability.

  1. For an archive of old job postings, see our GitHub repository for source files↩︎