Our mission and strategy

Our mission is to make research and education more impactful, accessible, and delightful by developing, operating, and supporting infrastructure for interactive computing.

We do this by

Designing JupyterHub distributions that run on cloud infrastructure, are tailored for research and education, and respect a community’s Right to Replicate their infrastructure . See our cloud service for more information.

Managing a federation of JupyterHubs that serves communities of practice in research and education, so that they can focus on their work without needing skills in DevOps. See our cloud service for more information.

Developing open source infrastructure that is tailored for use-cases in research and education, so that our ecosystem of tools continues to improve. See our projects for more information.

Supporting open source communities that underlie infrastructure in this space, so that these communities may thrive and have positive impact on the world. See our values for more information.

Our Team Compass contains all of our organizational policy and strategy.

Our organizational strategy page has our full organizational strategy.

Our values and principles

We are defined and driven by our mission, and believe that values are crucial to accomplishing our goals in a way that is equitable and accessible to all.

Here are some of the core values underlying 2i2c:

  • 2i2c values fairness and justice as requirements for successful communities.
  • 2i2c values learning and discovery for all people.
  • 2i2c values collaborating and connecting to foster environments for learning and discovery.

We serve these values through a commitment to a few core principles:

  • Build tools that maximize flexibility and choice
  • Collaborate with open source and scientific communities
  • Provide community and core support, not just new features
  • Build tools that are accessible along a variety of dimensions

These principles help us guarantee our users the Right to Replicate the infrastructure we manage for them without having to rely on us.

Get Involved

2i2c is a transparent and inclusive organization. We welcome participation and collaboration from others.

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