Data access and sharing

Share data and files across users

Hubs have a folder called shared that is meant for distributing files, data, etc that all users have access to. This can be useful for utilizing a shared resource on the hub so that all students don’t have to download it themselves (for example, a dataset that is commonly-used in course material).

The shared folder is read-only, and accessible by all users. There is also a shared-readwrite folder that has write and read privileges, and only accessible by hub administrators. All files placed in shared-readwrite will show up in shared for users.

To share files across users, follow these steps:

  • Hub Aministrators put files in shared-readwrite.

    e.g. on an admin account, put a CSV file in a location like:

  • Users access those files in their code. E.g., run code like:

    import pandas as pd

See also

To share content that is stored in a public repository, see Include content in your hub.

User storage

Each user gets their own storage that persists across user sessions. These files are only accessible to the user and to hub administrators. However, see the other sections on this page for ways to share content and data between users.