Administrator interfaces

The Administrator Dashboard

The JupyterHub administrator dashboard allows you to control several aspects of your JupyterHub. It is available via most of the user interfaces on your hub, as well as at the following URL:



The administrator panel will only be available to user names you have explicitly requested to be administrators!


An example administrator’s panel

From the administrator panel, you can see several columns and buttons:


The username of each user in your 2i2c Hub (both logged-in and logged-out)


Whether that user is an administrator

Last Activity

The last time that the user’s server logged any activity (e.g. opening a file, running code, or logging in).


Whether the user’s server is currently running. You may also start or stop a user’s server from this column.

Shutdown Hub

Shutdown the hub for all users (it may be restarted as well).

Edit User

Edit the username information or make a user an administrator.

access server

Take over the user’s session so that you may inspect what they are doing (this is helpful for debugging).