Get support

Hub engineers can provide support and debugging for issues that are related to the 2i2c Hub infrastructure. There are a few ways to get in touch listed below (in decreasing order of preference!)

Via GitHub Issues

We handle most support requests via GitHub issues in the pilot/ repository. This ensures that most support (and the resulting fixes) are done in a public place.

To help you open the right issue, here are a few buttons you can click to quickly open a support request in the pilot/ repository:


If you have a support question that shouldn’t be in public, please send a support email.

Connect on Slack

You’re also welcome to connect with the 2i2c Hub Engineering team via the 2i2c Slack (in particular, check out the #support channel). If you don’t have access to the Slack already, open an issue in the pilot repository and we’re happy to give you access.

Send a support email

For support requests that should not be public, you can also send the 2i2c engineering team an email via We prefer to handle support requests via public issue tracking, but understand that this is not always possible!