A shared platform for global communities.

An interactive computing platform for communities that create and share knowledge.

The research lifecycle we enable.

Interactive computing hubs provide tools that facilitate the entire knowledge creation and sharing lifecycle.

The research lifecycle we enable.

Flexible interfaces for data-driven discovery

JupyterLab provides a flexible user interface to create and explore notebooks, interactive visualizations, and computational narratives.

Choose a community environment, or create your own.

Community leaders can offer many environments for users to fit all of their workflows.

A shared knowledge base that connects with your hub.

Shared knowledge bases allow communities to contribute their ideas and work to a shared space that is accessible to the community.

JupyterHub gives your users their own digital space.

Community leaders can manage user access to the hub, and provide each user their own workspace that persists over time.

Supported cloud providers.

2i2c aims to support JupyterHubs on any cloud provider that offers a managed Kubernetes service. To start, we are focusing on the major commercial cloud providers listed below. If you would like a hub hosted on a different cloud provider, please give us your feedback . See our Organizational Strategy and Goals to learn more about our plans.
Google Cloud
Microsoft Azure
Amazon Web Services

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