Our Projects

In addition to creating and managing JupyterHub distributions, 2i2c also carries out focused development and research projects for interactive computing, with a focus on the Jupyter ecosystem.

If you’re interested in collaborating with 2i2c on a development-focused project, please reach out!

Below is a short overview of the major projects we are currently carrying out.

Executable Books

The Executable Books Project is an international collaboration to build open source tools that facilitate publishing computational narratives using the Jupyter ecosystem.

The primary technical product of the EBP is Jupyter Book, an open source project for building beautiful, publication-quality books and documents from computational material.

Jupyter Meets the Earth

The Jupyter meets the Earth project combines research use cases in geosciences with technical developments within the Jupyter and Pangeo ecosystems. 2i2c collaborates with the Jupyter Meets the Earth Project by providing development around JupyterHub and Jupyter Book infrastructure, as well as assistance in running JupyterHub in the cloud.

JupyterHubs for Education

The Hubs for Education pilot makes interactive computing environments more accessible to educational communities from smaller colleges and minority-serving institutions. It is a collaboration with CloudBank, and the Berkeley Division of Computing, Data Science, and Society. 2i2c offers development and management of JupyterHub infrastructure geared towards educational use-cases, in partnership with these collaborators.

Pangeo Hub Infrastructure

The Pangeo project is a community platform for Big Data geoscience. 2i2c collaborates with Pangeo by developing and running JupyterHub infrastructure for the Pangeo Hubs. This work focuses around building collaborative data science platforms that can draw from large cloud datasets, as well as integrating JupyterHub with scalable computing in the cloud via Dask Gateway.